We're constantly producing new videos and resources, most of which are freely available to view on YouTube. We currently have three ongoing series as well as our 'Specials'.




Watch our series of original spoken word poetry, each speaking about a different topic of faith, life and the Bible.

Think of them as condensed sermons presented in rhyme,
Perfect for inspiration, or when you've not got time.




In this series, we journey to different parts of the UK to ask pastors tough or common questions about the Christian faith. 

We also have made a podcast for this series. Either listen on the site or subscribe by searching for #AskThePastor on iTunes or your favourite podcast player.




Every month we put out a new challenge for our watchers to take part in ranging from studying a particular book of the Bible to going on 5K prayer run.

It would be great to see how you're coping with the challenges, so we'd love it if you could take a picture of you completing each challenging and sharing it on our social media pages.




This is a collection of some of our productions that don't fall into any of the other categories. They are more narrative driven; some are short films, movement pieces and spoken words.