UNARMED is a short film of a spoken word poem in response to the escalating knife crime happening in the UK.

Our televisions and newspapers today are constantly bombarded with deeply saddening news of more and more victims to knife crime in the UK. Kenneth, a member of the team here at roarlight, was so moved by everything that was going on he decided to write something about it. Knowing a short poem wouldn’t change the world didn’t stop him, but the hope that this might affect one person and prevent them from picking up a knife stirred him on.

And so ‘UNARMED’ was born. A short spoken word poem about knife crime. We are so thankful to everyone who came on the day to help out and make this film happen. Please do share it, spread the message and #SaveTomorrow


Written, Produced and Performed by Kenneth Omole
Directed by Paul Syrstad

Day - Kadell Herida, Nicole Riley, Maya, Ejay Harewood, Zelida, Lois Dunn, Bolu Lawson, Jacky Achampong, Nekka Valishya, Oge Valashiya

Night - Luke November, Kitch, Clarke Williams, Ed Michael, Ahmar Johnson, Brandon Pembele

DoP - Paul Syrstad
Drone Pilot - Ejay Harewood
BTS - Jacky Achampong
Editor - Paul Syrstad

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