'Tis The Seasons (Part 2)

'Tis The Seasons (Part 2)

One year after the supernatural event at the church on Christmas Eve, James tells the story of what happened next as he tries to piece his life together. After all, he can't just live the rest of his life based on one encounter...


Directed by Paul Syrstad
Screenplay by Kenneth Omole, Faith Syrstad & Paul Syrstad

Production Supervisor - Faith Syrstad

James - Kenneth Omole
Mum - Yetunde Lawson
Youth Pastor - Chris Riley
Ex-Girlfriend - Esther Niles
Friend - Kadell Herida
Extras - David Ansa, Ejay Harewood, Bolu Lawson, Jonathon Mukwaya, Jon Riley, Nicole Riley

Camera Operator - Paul Syrstad
Behind The Scenes - David Ansa, Bolu Lawson
Editor - Paul Syrstad

Studio Space - Charis Communications
Editing Equipment - Final Cut Pro 7
Colour Grading Software - DaVinci Resolve 14

INWARD - By Flux

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