A spoken word poem about New Year's resolutions and comparing ours to the resolution that God made in the beginning...

Written by Paul Syrstad
Performed by Kenneth Omole

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Some thoughts...

I don’t really remember any resolutions that I’ve made which are older than a year or two. In fact, a few years ago I came across a stack of my old yearly journals from when I was a kid (yes, I was that sad kid who wrote a journal) and apart from reading through weird ideas, secret crushes and friendship feuds I had, I also saw that I had written a list of resolutions on the first page of each journal every year.

I noticed how different each set of resolutions were year after year, and not only that, but how many I failed to fulfil or even begin to try and fulfil. Basically, I read a load of self made to-do lists that I had failed to do.

It didn’t feel great.

To tell the truth, not much has changed. I keep making resolutions and I keep failing most of them (...or all of them), and not just New Year’s resolutions but everyday promises that I tell myself: I will write that script today, I’ll do the washing tonight, I’ll get up early for a run tomorrow...the list could go on.

And sometimes that's what faith can feel like, what being a Christian can feel like. There are so many things we are focused on doing and not doing that it eventually starts to look oh-so-similar to my lists of uncompleted resolutions, my lists of failures.

It's sometimes hard to remember that it's not about me, it's not about us but it's about Him. Right in the beginnings of the Bible we learn that mankind only has one item on his list...don't eat the forbidden fruit. If I thought failing my list was bad I sure am happy I wasn't the one who broke, literally, the only promise I made.

But right after mankind fails their resolutions, God steps in and makes one of His own. He says that He will send someone to crush the evil that entered mankind but, in return, this person would be struck by this evil in return. And as we carry on reading through the Old Testament of the Bible, God keeps reminding His people of this promise and sets conditions of where He will be born, what bloodline He will come from and what will happen to Him. Centuries go by and the Old Testament ends with the people of Israel still awaiting this promised saviour, this promised Messiah. 

Maybe this looked like one of my old resolutions; something once said, a few times repeated but never fulfilled. Maybe God forgot about mankind, maybe He was never going to send the saviour... 

Enter Jesus.