An original physical theatre piece that tells the story of humanity's relationship with God, the fall and the grace of God.

'From the very first step, we fell. And then we found ourselves caught in ever loving arms, always there and always ready. But when it comes to our second or third step, do we trust those arms are still there ready to catch us?'


Cast in Order of Appearance:
Lauren Poch
John Omole
Paul Syrstad
Pippa Beckwith
Maryanne Jones
Kenneth Omole
Faith Syrstad

Cameras Operated by
Chris Riley & Jon Riley

Editing by
Paul Syrstad

NO LONGER SLAVES - By Bethel Music

This piece was originally devised by Paul & Faith Syrstad for a mission trip to Uganda in early 2017 to show just how much drama can be used to proclaim the gospel.

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