Pilot Episode: The Good Samaritan

The Parables Retold

We want to make the life-changing parables of Jesus contextually relevant to the audience of today using the most powerful communication tool we have; film.

What do I mean by that? If Jesus was to tell the same parables to us today, what characters would He use? What settings? In no way are these meant to replace the parables of the Bible, these films are meant to connect people to them.

The Pilot Episode

In 2016 we enlisted the help of some friends and grabbed the equipment we had and made a pilot version of one of the parables we’re intending to produce but to be honest, that wasn’t the beginning.

This isn't something we just decided to do a few weeks ago, this series has been in the makings for a very long time and now we just need the final push to make it a reality. Have a look at where we are in this epic journey...