THE second of ‘the parables retold’ series


- currently in post-production -

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Based on the parable found in Luke 10, this film takes us into the shoes of a white supremacist on his way to a white-power march through the streets of London. However, on his way, he is intercepted by a group of youth who rob him, beat him and leave him for dead in a dark and dingy alleyway.

Desperately grasping at life, James is ignored by those he trusted most and when help comes from the most unexpected of places will he be able to accept the help or drive his saviour away?


Paul Syrstad

Director of Photography
Andy Toovey

Production Manager & Assistant Director
Chris Holloway
Associate Producer
Faith Syrstad


James Raymond Bethley
Jabari Sule Rimmi
Claire Maryanne Jones
Ben William Frazer
Liam Freddie Buck
Taylor Joshua Okusanya
Taj-Levi Matthews
Sherelle Johnson
Ejay Harewood
Priest Graham Jones


Head of Wardrobe Lian Wilson
Set Decorator Toyosi Fuwa
Make-Up Artist Louise Babla

1st Assistant Camera Courtney Andrew
2nd Assistant Camera Ejay Harewood
Sound Recording James Harrison

Stills Photography Ben Mansfield
BTS Recorder John Omole
Production Assistants Cally Walker, Lois Dunn, Kenneth Omole