The Parables Retold

help make it happen

Without your generous support this series wouldn't be possible. We believe that the parables are stories worth telling, and the impact we've already seen the pilot have cements that belief.

From senior pastors, to youth groups, to small group leaders, everyone has said how much these films will benefit their ministry and help develop Christians, especially those who are young in their faith or exploring what the bible is all about.



Luke 12:16-21 tells the story of a rich fool, and the film puts it into our modern medicinal world with a young woman finding a cure for cancer universally. 

She has the world at her hands, but what will she choose to do with it?

Why support this film?

Paying Creatives
On our last film, we were able to pay something to every professional who worked with us. We want to continue to raise the UK Christian film industry by maintaining a professional, paying standard.

Proclaiming the Kingdom
The parables of Jesus proclaimed Kingdom principles in a way His audience might understand. Our aim is exactly the same, making it accessible to the audience today in the spheres of education, church, and media.

Resourcing the Church
Ultimately, these videos are here to help resource the church. They will be available for purchase alongside study guides but will also freely available on YouTube for anyone to watch and hear this fresh take on Jesus' parable.

What will the money be used for?

It will be used to cover expenses in travel, insurance costs, catering, set design and props for the film as well as towards paying the crew and the cast for their work on this production.