The Parables Retold

help make it happen

Without your generous support this series wouldn't be possible. We believe that the parables are stories worth telling, and the impact we've already seen the pilot have cements that belief.

From senior pastors, to youth groups, to small group leaders, everyone has said how much these films will benefit their ministry and help develop Christians, especially those who are young in their faith or exploring what the bible is all about.



Based on the parable found in Matthew 13, this film tells the story of four individuals who each receive a mysterious gift on their doorstep. From the moment they see it, they are intercepted by a Mysterious Man who's sole ambition seems to be to take their gifts away through deception, persuasion and fear. 

Each of the four heroes have their own vices, but will they be able to keep the unexpected gift over everything life throws at them?


What will the money be used for?

The first £1000 will be used to cover expenses in travel, insurance costs, catering and to get a few last props for the film. The next £1000 will go towards paying the crew and the cast for their work on this production.