A Heartwarming Story
About the End of the World


Yesterday, Eli opened a Bible for this first time. Today, he finds out he's in it.

A new short film, written and directed by Paul Syrstad that follows Eli (Rhys Isaac-Jones) and his journey of faith as he is thrown into the deep end by a mysterious messenger by the name of Celeste (Maryanne Jones). This is the pilot episode of a potential new web series which promises lots of laughs, twists and turns, and a reading of the book of Revelation that might seem a little out of this world!

Cast & Crew

Eli Ryder - Rhys Isaac-Jones
Celeste - Maryanne Jones

Writer & Director - Paul Syrstad
1st AC & Sound - Ejay Harewood

IN Rhys is Eli.png

Rhys Isaac-Jones

IN Maryanne is Celeste.png

Maryanne Jones


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