To submit your audition for our upcoming project, The Good Samaritan, please download the sides for the character(s) you want to be seen for. Then record a self-tape audition, if possible, using another person to read in the other lines rather than a recording.

Upload your video to either YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, or WeTransfer, and copy the link ready to paste into the form below.

All the best!


Sides for JAMES (click here) 35-45, White, Bald, £75 p/d
Sides for SKINHEADS (click here) 30-50, White, Short Hair, £65 p/d
Sides for JAYDEN/KAYLA (click here) 18-25, Black, Any Hair, £65 p/d


Sun 28th April (Day Shoot): JAMES, SKINHEADS
Mon 29th April (Late Night Shoot): JAYDEN, KAYLA


Filming locations in and around South East London

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