A Radical Creation

It’s more than an event. It’s an opportunity.

An opportunity to see creative displays of the gospel through spoken word poetry, music and film, an opportunity to challenge the relationship between both creatives and the church and how they can work together, and an opportunity to see what God is already doing in one of the most unreached industries in the world.

We would love to come to your church for a morning or evening service and bring A Radical Creation show. It is a great way to inspire the creatives in your church, a very different kind of event to invite people to, and we hope will be a blessing to both your congregation and to us.

Wherever you are, we want to come, and best of all - it's free! All we would want is to be able to do a financial appeal at the end to carry on with the work we do.

The ARC tour is going on over April and June, so if you want us to visit your church, make a preliminary booking using the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss further details.